Jain Diamond Tool
Diamond Lapping Compound, Water Soluble Diamond Lapping Compound, Oil Soluble Diamond Lapping Compound

Diamond Lapping Compound

Diamond Lapping Compounds are manufactured from mixing of fine diamond powder in a liquid or oil base which is used for cutting action and longer operation life. To maintain a constant viscosity over a wide temperature range these are specially formulated. These properties make the paste an efficient tool in the very high precision industries where finish and cleanliness are utmost important.
  By using this paste you will get incredibly brilliant finish on
Ferrous and non ferrous metals
Watch cases
Wire drawing dies
Cemented carbide cutting tools
Calendar rolls
Optical lenses
Plastic injection moulds
Tungsten carbide parts
Plug, Ring & thread gauges
  Diamonds Lapping compounds are available in 2 types
Water Soluble Diamond Lapping Compound
Oil Soluble Diamond Lapping Compound
These comes in different grades and color coding. Normally it comes in 5 cc Syringe .