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We are Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier of Single Point Diamond Dressers, Diamond Dressers and our set up is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

The Single Point Diamond Dressers is more versatile dressing tool, which is used for turning and dressing of grinding wheel. They are made of carefully selected raw diamonds mounted in holders by means of special bonds. The dressing tool takes care of two main functions, it removes abrasive grains which have become completely worn out, and it recreates the correct geometric shape of the grinding wheel.

TJDT offers 3 grades to refinish the wheel



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Single Point Tools

Single-Point-Tools Single-Point-Tools1 Single-Point-Tools2
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To get the maximum tool life

  • Use the proper size Diamond.
  • Diamond tools should be mounted rigidly in the tool holder,to reduce the vibration.
  • Select the clamping length 'a'(Distance from diamond point to Fixture as short as possible to reduce the vibration.(Fig:1)
  • Incline Tool 10° to 15° to radius of wheel in the direction of wheel rotation to avoid dulling of the Diamond point.(Fig:2)
  • Rotate the Diamond shank frequently by 90° to present new cutting edge.(Fig:3)
  • Always apply plenty of coolant while dressing,because diamonds are very heat sensitive and can be destroyed by excessive heat generation.(Fig:4)
  • For dry dressing do not apply the tool for a long continuous period.Allow the stone to cool naturally before using again.Do not cool the diamond by quenching.
  • The depth of cut per dressing pass should ( generally) not exceed the range of 0.02 to 0.03 mm(20 to 30 micron). Never traverse the grinding wheel without any depth of cut.This would blunt the grinding wheel and lead to burning.
  • If possible dress the wheel at a speed lower than normal grinding speed.
  • Diamond is the hardest material because of this property diamond brittle.It does not require a very hard blow to damage a Diamond.(Fig:5)
  • Diamond is sensitive to shock and impact.It may be fractured or broken by striking any hard substance such as the bed machine or concrete floor.
  • Protect and store the Diamond tool properly when not in use.