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Manufacturer and Exporters of : Chisel Type Diamond Dressers, Matrix Chisel, Blade Type Diamond Dressers, MCD Dressing Blades, Multipoint Diamond Dresser, Roller Dressers, Impregnated Diamond Dresser, Special Impregnated Hand Tool, PCD & CBN Inserts, Single Point Diamond Dresser, Hardness Indenters, Diamond Lapping Compound, Diamond Needle Files, Diamond Fingers Gauging points, Electroplated Diamond CBN Pins, Diamond CBN Wheels, Diamond Dressers, Diamond Honing Sticks, Glass Cutter

Jain Diamond Tools ( JDT ) was established in India in 1984 by a group of people having wide industrial experience in precision tool manufacturing.

JDT has now achieved global recognition through it's rich experience in manufacturing a complete range of diamond dressing tools.

The list of prestigious customers throughout the world is growing because of JDT's consistency in quality, wide range of products and excellent service to its customers.

Also JDT invests in care and quality to meet the high standards of its clients at home and abroad. JDT believes that Quality is the only platform on which an organization can grow. In order to maintain its standard of quality, JDT has its own full fledged, sophisticated manufacturing plant.