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The Ultimate Guide to Diamond Tools: Why Jain Diamond is the Industry Leader

JDT is one of those companies which supply precision tools for manufacturing industries and, therefore, it is a highly competitive market. Jain Diamond Tool was incorporated in 1984 and has developed into a company offering diamond tools manufactured by advanced research and development. Here is an overview of the diamond tools that JDT provides and why those tools are the best choice for specialists.

1. Overview of Diamond Tools

Coated and natural abiotic materials called diamond tools are widely used in the industry for but cutting, grinding, polishing, and drilling. They are produced with industrial cut diamonds because these are among the hardest materials known to man.” All these tools are of uttermost importance in industries where tolerance levels and speed of production are very sensitive.

a. What Makes Diamond Tools Special?

Cutting tools take advantage of the unique nature of the diamond which includes; hardness, thermal conductivity, and wear resistance. These attributes make them suitable to machine hard and abrasive materials that with other tools are not easy to machine.

 b. Different Types of Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are broadly classified into various categories based on the need of the task to be accomplished. The primary categories include:

  • Diamond Grinding and Dressing Tools: They are used for the dressing of grinding wheels and also for sharpening the grinding wheels.
  • Diamond Drilling Tools: Carries out drilling and coring activities because of its design.
  • Diamond Saw Blades: Employed in cutting processes that require clean and narrow and accurate kerf.
  • Diamond Polishing Tools: Applied for giving proper and polished look on the surfaces like wood, metal, plastics etc.

2. Types of Diamond Tools Offered by JDT

Jain Diamond Tools provides a variety of diamond tools for use in different industries that can accomplish any task and in any environment.

a.  Diamond Cutting Tools

Diamond cutting tools are applied in cutting difficult materials, where other cutting tools cannot easily make the cut. JDT has cutting tools of different types, which can be used in industry cutting and crafting purposes or activities.


  • Industrial Cutting Tools: Employed in the areas of application that demand high-impact cutting, for example, construction and manufacturing.
  • Crafting Tools: It is employed for intricate and accurate cutting operations that are requires during superior art and crafting ventures.

b. Diamond Grinding and Dressing Tools

These tools are very important especially when it comes to ensuring that grinding operations are well done and accurate.


  • Grinding Wheels: These are the equipment’s used in surface and cylindrical grinding operations.
  • Dressing Tools: Equipment that is used in the maintenance as well as conditioning of the grinding wheels.

c.  Diamond Core Tools

Diamond core are for cutting and boring activities especially used in construction and pottery industries. These tools are to drill clean and neat holes in materials of varying types.


  • Construction Drilling Tools: This is applied for boring concrete, brick or any other solid materials.
  • Pottery and Craft Drilling Tools: An implement that is employed in the craft of drilling on clay and ceramic materials.

3. Specialty Diamond Tools

JDT also has specialized tools for specific uses for instance diamond painting tools, diamond art tools as well as diamond setting tools.


  • Diamond Painting Tools: Equipment that is found when painting diamonds, a creative hobby that is preferred by many people.
  • Diamond Art Tools: Painting apparatuses that are applied in the production of intricate diamond art projects.
  • Diamond Setting Tools: A type of equipment and tool used to set the diamonds in the jewelries.

4. Quality and Innovation at JDT

JDT aims at delivering diamond tools that are of high quality and enjoyed by many clients despite of the high price range. The highly developed and articulated methods of production, and extensive research and development placed them quite apart from other industrial companies.

a.  Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

JDT applies the most advanced technology for manufacturing diamond tools with the best quality and capability of usage.

b.   Research and Development

The company has a strong in-house R & D department that constantly endeavours to come up with new products and modify the existing ones for maximum adequacy in the industry. Such commitment to innovation is healthy and enables JDT to stay ahead of its counterparts in the diamond tool market.

5. Customer Support and Services

Beyond product quality, JDT goes the extra mile to support their customers ranging from technical support with regard to tool life and machining procedures.

a.   Technical Support

JDT assist customer with technical information as to the ways of prolonging the life of the tools and achieving maximum efficiency of their machining operations. This support encompass on the identification of appropriate tools to acquire, how to make use of the tools, and finally the procedures of maintaining the tools.

b.   Customer Service Excellence

At JDT, the company strives to have proper customer relations, whereby all the customer’s complaints and questions are dealt with professionally and efficiently.

6. Why Choose Jain Diamond Tools?

Jain Diamond Tools has established itself as company that provides qualitative tools to clients that are unique and satisfy the customer. Here are some reasons why JDT is the fortunate choice for the diamond tools.

a.   Extensive Industry Experience

Overall, JDT has the long operational experience of 30 years, so they realize many requirements of the industry. These facts sharply testify to their longevity in the market as well as their competence.

b.  Commitment to Quality

It has further placed a lot of emphasizes on quality to ensure that every tool that JDT delivers to their clients will have to meet their expectations. Due to their strict organizational standards and product quality assurance mechanisms, their products are always reliable and expected to be long lasting.

c.  Commitment to Quality

To meet the specifications of the emerging industries, JDT provides a diversity of diamond tools. This means that customers are assured of using the fitting tool for their needs given the firm’s wide product offering.


7. Applications of JDT’s Diamond Tools


a.   Industrial Applications

Indeed, JDT’s diamond tools are for different sectors namely construction, automobile, and manufacturing.


  • Automotive Industry: Prime product used in automobile construction: Tools for high accuracy cutting and manufacturing processes.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Anything from machines used in manufacturing as well as equipment used in different steps with a guarantee of the end product being quality.

b.   Artistic and Craft Applications

JDT also targets the artistic market for products that should create accuracy and art in your hand. These tools help the artists and craftsmen to attain fine and delicate works of art.


  • Diamond Painting: Working tools or equipment primary for the diamond painting tasks.
  • Jewelry Making: Equipment for setting diamonds and creating complex fine jewellery items.

8. Case Studies and Success Stories

Describing real-life cases of how JDT’s diamond tools have been useful in other companies’ operations may be useful in understanding the usability and worth of the offered tools. Here are a few success stories from satisfied customers:Here are a few success stories from satisfied customers:


a.  Industrial Success Story

A construction firm Dios has observed defects associated with their current cutting tools and the defects include frequent blunting of the tools. When the diamond cutting tools were changed to those of JDT, it was observed that the life time of that particular tool increased which in turn increased the cutting rate and reduced time for which the tools are often required to be changed.


b.  Artistic Success Story

A professional artist who focuses on diamond painting understood that instruments offered in the market lacked high quality to complete the fine operations. When using offered diamond painting tools, JDT’s artists managed to create the better details of their works and brighter customers’ emotions, which resulted in the improvement of satisfaction and sales.


c. Manufacturing Success Story

A global car company needed precision tools needed for the creation of parts of an engine. Through the access to JDT’s diamond grinding tools, the required accuracy and toughness of the tools for increased rates of yield and quality outcomes were achieved.


9. The Future of Diamond Tools


Prospective developments of diamond tools and JDT’s position in terms of research and advancements also need to be highlighted as proof of their active approach to the company’s development in the industry.


a. Technological Advancements

The use of diamond tool in industries is steadily growing and there is constant improvement in technology which has led to come significant improvements in the creation of the various diamond tool. Thus, JDT continue to be an innovator in these aspects, aspiring to stay ahead of the curve as far as the machining industry is concerned.


b. Sustainable Practices

JDT aims at practicing environmental management when engaging in production as they seek to minimize adverse effects on the environment as they continue to deliver quality product.


Diamond tools in general are very important in industries and choosing the right one will determine the level of efficiency and quality of the work. Whether it will be for industrial requirement or for an artistic experience, JDT offers the solution and the right product for the job.


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